Do you know what you need to focus on when it comes to building your MLM or Network Marketing Website? How do you best optimize your website to attract, engage, and convert prospective clients into buying customers?

What Are The 4 C’s Your Website Must Have?

Our 20 years experience in launching multi-level marketing companies, tell us that success depends on four interrelated factors.

  • Content
  • Community
  • Commerce
  • Compensation



Create unique, relevant, and informative content for your website targeted to the needs and interests of your target audience. The content must offer value to readers. A static website that never changes becomes an albatross that hangs around the neck of the company owner. If somebody revisits your site after six months only to find that nothing has changed, why would they wish to come back again?

What should change and how? Here are a few suggestions that will keep your website fresh and informative:

  • Write and publish newsletters on your website. Attach this letter to an RSS feed and use lead generation tactics to gain followers to whom you can mail this letter.
  • Place follow buttons to your company social media profiles on your site.
  • Add new testimonials when acquired
  • Maintain a calendar of scheduled events and meetings
  • Write informative blog posts relative to your business. Publish these on the website and share them on social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter with links back to your website.
  • Place visible share buttons on every blog page.

Your aim is to create interest, awareness, and engage with visitors to bring them into your sales funnel. To achieve these aims, ensure you have full and immediate access to your website content control panel.



People have an inherent need to belong. We want to belong with friends and with groups including work groups that have some buzz. Good website content should produce engagement, discussion, sharing, and offer value to people.

MLM is a community-based business, a venue for like-minded people.

However, community involvement and engagement is a tougher question than content creation. Where and how do people engage? Some people engage with others using email or messenger apps like Skype, Messenger, Line, or WhatsApp. Others join relevant forums where they take part in discussions. The more creative way of building an active community is to create a members’ group on a platform like LinkedIn or Facebook.

An active community will create its own unique content, moderate itself to an extent, and will continually draw members back to it.



Your website shopping cart must be functional and attractive. Display products with clear images and promotional text that highlights the benefits the products offer. Product pages that enable people to visualize themselves using your product are the most effective. Benefits and value must shine on your pages.

For inspiration, you may like to visit role models like Amazon, Walmart, Apple, and Mark & Spencer in the U.K.



Compensation is a measure of your profitability. Success will come if you focus on the issues we have described: content, community, and commerce.

Your successful attention to these issues produces compensation for yourself and your distributors.

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