What are the reasons I shouldn’t start an MLM or Network Marketing Company? Is an MLM an easy way to get rich? Do I need a good product for a Network Marketing Company?

Here are 5 Reasons Why You SHOULDN’T Start A Network Marketing or MLM Company.

1 – You’re only focused on the money you will make.

Network Marketing isn’t about how much money you’re going to make. It’s about how much impact you can have on other peoples lives. It’s about how much value your product provides to other people. it’s about putting other people before you. Because, if you put others before you and provide a product that has value to your customers, the money will come.
These days so many people are focused on the end game, the harvest. Not on the planting, the watering, letting the sun grow on their distributors and customers.
When you put people before money, the money will come.


2 – Your Product or Service Doesn’t Provide Value

If you want to start a network marketing company, you need to start with a product that provides value. If you start your company trying to sell coffee mugs, they’re probably not going to sell because people can buy coffee mugs anywhere, and they’re probably going to find it for less elsewhere.
If your product or service doesn’t have an impact on people and provide true value, you shouldn’t be starting a Network Marketing company.


3 – You’ve Never Been a Distributor

I’ve met a lot of companies and entrepreneurs that want to start want to start a Network Marketing business but have never been a distributor. In my opinion, you need to ‘walk the walk, before you talk the talk’
You need to walk in a distributors shoes to see and understand what they’re experiencing when they start talking to customers, recruiting distributors when they’re afraid of taking negative words or No’s.
You need to have been a distributor, you need to walk that walk before the talk that talk.


4 – You Don’t Own Your Products or Services

When you purchase your products from outside vendors instead of manufacturing them yourself, you have no control over your supply line. Example; if you go to a wholesale market and buy your products there, everything is fine until that product is no longer available anymore. Whether that be the result of a vendor going out of business / not selling that product anymore, a change in marketplace policy, or any other reason, your business is now in jeopardy.
If you don’t own your product, your don’t own your destiny.
You need to own that product or the rights to your service.


5 – You’re Requiring Your Distributors To Purchase Your Product To Join Your Opportunity

As a Network Marketer, I may not like or have a use for your product. As a Company Owner, you cannot require me to purchase a product or service you’re going to pay commissions on in order to join your business opportunity.
A Distributor should be able to join your company, pay a minimal amount for a distributor kit, or non-commissionable samples maybe pay a minimal amount for the back office and be able to go out and talk about your products and services and not necessarily have to buy them.
Should they buy them? Yea, in order to really be successful, they need to be a product of the product and a service of the service but you cannot legally require them to do so.
If you’re only looking to make money for yourself, your product doesn’t provide value, you’ve never been a distributor, you don’t own your product or service, or you want to require distributors buy your products in order to join your opportunity, you should not be starting a Network Marketing company.

Network Marketing creates a community that can impact people’s lives for the better, and if you’re willing to help others and make an impact the world with a valuable product or service, I invite you to reach out to me so I can help you launch your vision!