What do people buy – a product or an opportunity? It’s a question one of our clients asked me recently: “How do we get people to join our business opportunity?”

Focus on the Product and the Value

If you focus on the opportunity, they’ll leave for the next better opportunity they see. If you focus on the product and the value it provides, people will stay for the opportunity.

Branding is essential for any company because people develop brand loyalty to products and services they like or have had positive experiences with. This may be based on tangible differences or on intangible things like the perception of higher quality.  Few things are more important in sales psychology than brand marketing and brand awareness with customers.

For example, when you go to the supermarket, why do you buy name brands as opposed to the cheaper generic variety? In the end, it is the value you attach to the product. Most people associate higher quality with the ‘name brand’ as opposed to a lower priced generic or store brand.

When you present only the opportunity, it’s not a matter of value, it’s just money. So the first time that the money doesn’t measure up to what some other opportunity claims to offer, they’re going to jump ship and head off to where they think they’re going to make more in compensation, bonuses, etc.

When you promote your product, you encourage people to see the value. As they fall in love with the product, they want to share it with their friends, relatives, and extended network. You are using that brand loyalty to turn regular customers into brand ambassadors that only want to share a great product with the people they know. Real brand ambassadors are going to be your strongest distributors because they’re not just pitching your product to make money, they’re doing it because they believe in its value.

It’s a long-held notion that you’re going to have more difficulty selling a product you don’t personally believe in. When your focus is on the opportunity rather than the product, you’re not attracting those that believe in your product, your company, or your message – you’re attracting those that only see it as an income opportunity and have no loyalty to anything but the money.