Can we integrate a Shopping Card like Shopify or Magento with our MLM software? Should we use a shopping cart supplied by a third party? Is there any advantage in using Shopify or Magento instead of the shopping cart the MLM software includes? The answer is that you can integrate with other shopping carts but there are strong and solid reasons not to do so.

Reasons not to use a third party shopping cart

The prime reason is cost. Still, we frequently face the question from prospective clients. “We already have a Shopify or a Magento shopping cart. Can’t we use it in MLM, save money and avoid the need to learn about a new shopping cart?”

Our Multisoft MLM software does not provide integration to third-party shopping carts and there are good reasons for this. When tied to a vendor like Shopify or Magento you will have a hard time changing anything in their software.

  1. The first question is whether they will change their standard software. It will make your version of their software non-standard.
  2. The second question is whether they would even be willing to work with replicated websites and port your distributor information from Shopify or Magento into your MLM software. This is not by any measure a small modification for them, it would take a long time to do, and you might not be able to launch your company in time.
  3. The third question is what they will charge you for the changes you require. These vendors provide their software to thousands of e-commerce clients and regularly update their software in line with market conditions. It is unlikely they will make a change only applicable to your needs without charging you many thousands of dollars.

What you want to look for in an MLM software provider is an all in one encompassing solution. Vendors like Shopify and Magento supply their software to the large e-commerce marketplace. In MLM, we don’t supply our software to a mass market. We recognize that individual customers have different needs and, within reason, we can change our shopping cart to suit your needs. Other MLM software suppliers should also offer this option.

In the end, your question stands: Can you integrate with Shopify or Magento? Sure, you can. Our question also stands:  “Are you going to spend a lot of money?”  Absolutely. Should you do it? In my opinion, no.

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