What communication channels should be embedded with MLM software? What channels should you use to keep in touch with customers and distributors? To answer this, realize that communication channels are not an integral part of MLM software. Your choice of channels depends on what customers want and this varies depending on age and mobile addiction.


In a previous blog post in this series, we emphasized the need for MLM companies to establish good business relationships with customers and distributors. One essential ingredient is good communication. Your aim should be to establish the best possible communication using the most convenient methods and communication channels.

A wide choice of communication channels

There has been a comprehensive change in the way people communicate today. People who have used email for years tend to stick with this medium. However, Skype and video conferencing came along and changed people’s preferences to voice. Today, chat and message applications are very popular and younger people prefer channels like Messenger for messaging and apps like Line and Whatsapp for chatting. Many companies have also installed chatbots for communicating with their customers.

As a brief overview, we can identify the following communication channels.


Some pundits like to claim that email is dead. This is just not true. It remains a viable channel and many people stick to this channel for their needs. It has advantages in that emails can be broadcast to multiple users. It also offers an easy way to sign up subscribed users and include them in your regular email distribution.


Skype is a Microsoft product available as a desktop and a mobile application. It offers voice, messaging, and video conferencing and is very popular with business people. It is unobtrusive in that only users who are signed in to Skype can be contacted.


This Facebook application is very popular with the younger generation. It offers chat and messaging. It provides a fast and easy method for contact users with whom you have exchanged your credentials. It is also free to use.


Messaging via SMS has grown in sophistication and now offers a wide range of features. You can set up SMS broadcasting to multiple users and schedule the broadcast by time. Many companies use SMS as an alternative to email broadcasts, sending notifications, news, and announcements via SMS to their contacts.

Line and Whatsapp

These are free chat applications free to use even on international calls. Both have grown in popularity and offer excellent voice quality on mobile devices.

Another aspect of communicating

Your main objective in business is to acquire and engage with prospective clients. Use your website to achieve this aim. Publish a daily news item on your website to engage with visitors. You can use it for news, event notifications, calendar events, and general information about your company and its activities. Add an RSS feed so users can subscribe to this service.

The main objective in choosing your communication channels is to make your company accessible. People today may be reluctant to wait for an email answer. The mobile revolution has made people less patient, they expect an answer to their questions now and in the most uncomplicated manner. However, you need to couple these expectations to your company’s ability to answer and respond to service requests immediately. Patience is a virtue even for the most demanding people.