Are foreign MLM software suppliers, because of time differences and language difference, as reliable as U.S. based suppliers? Are European and Asian suppliers able to provide the service you need when you need it? Does cheaper software mean reduced quality and support? Can you rely on support when you most need it regardless of time? These are questions you need to assess before embarking on a foreign business relationship.

This is not an attempt to denigrate overseas software suppliers. In an international marketplace, you know that software suppliers are inferior, competent, or outstanding in their commitment to service and support.

When dealing with European and Asian suppliers, you need to evaluate the extent to which time and language differences affect the service and support you can expect. You also need to question whether cheaper software, whether supplied by a U.S. or foreign supplier, will assure your business success or lead to the failure that is so common with MLM startup companies.

The issue of cheaper software sourced from foreign countries

Nothing is truer than the cliche “you get what you pay for”. This has nothing to do with supplier nationality or location.

You may be tempted to source MLM software from a foreign supplier who offers attractive pricing. You need to consider their location and availability. If you need support service at noon U.S. time, it is midnight in most Asian countries. Will somebody be there to answer your call?

The second issue is language difference. There is no universal law that prescribes that foreign suppliers should speak your language. Either the supplier speaks your language, or you speak theirs. There is no place for blame by either party.

To summarize, it’s a question of what you get for what you pay. You may find excellent software supplied by a foreign company but do they satisfy your requirements for timely support services?

There is an easy method for evaluating the quality of service that a software supplier provides. This is the willingness of users to share their experience. Just Google “[supplier name\] service” and, in most cases, you should find how others have experienced their service standard.

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