Do you know what to do or how to respond WHEN your website goes down?

Malfunctions occur rarely, but they do happen, and to companies large and small.

External services that can bring your website down

Regrettably, external factors neither of us can control can cause web services to fail. In our modern society, we are customized to take utility services like electricity and water for granted. Without backup facilities, like those that keep our web servers running without interruption, your faith in utility services can be costly and cause severe inconvenience.


A power outage will bring your system down. If you have a UPS installed, you can keep your system running sufficiently long to save your work and power down in a controlled manner. What then? All you can do is to relax and wait for the supplier to restore services.

You only need to remember recent storm damages to realize that the power grids on which we depend for our daily needs are not fail-safe. We don’t expect you to have a power generator installed in your backyard, but a UPS is a wise investment for preventing data loss.

The same type of outage occasionally happens with cable TV networks, fixed-line phone networks, and mobile networks.

Internet infrastructure

The Internet is known as the “worldwide web” and a web is exactly how you need to visualize web services. This web interconnects continents, countries, and regions via submarine cables, satellites, in-ground or overhead cable networks, and wireless transmission facilities.

It is reliable infrastructure that enables worldwide communication via the Internet. However, despite redundancies, failures happen although on very rare occasions. How you are affected depends on where in this web you are located. A submarine cable failure may affect several countries, a cable failure a restricted geographical area.

If affected, all you can do is to relax and wait for service restoration.

Your own computer equipment

While we guarantee our server uptime and close to immediate service restoration in case of a malfunction in our Data Centers, we cannot fix malfunctions that may occur in equipment installed in your office or home location. Neither can we be of much help if your website is hosted by an independent ISP (Internet Service Provider).

What can go wrong?

Although modern computer equipment is highly reliable, many things can and do go wrong.

Here are conditions you need to control yourself, or with the help of your equipment or service provider. You need to control and rectify failures and breakdown in:

  • Your computer equipment
  • The router and/or modem that connects your computer network to the Internet.
  • Failure in software products.
  • Data corruption in data storage facilities or local storage devices.
You should also be aware of a truism that applies to data storage. If you lose data stored on a local storage device, this is a mistake you only make once because you won’t forgive yourself and allow it to happen again.  ALWAYS backup your important data and work-in-progress to an external storage device or to a cloud server. Make sure you understand what data your software provider keeps on its cloud servers on your behalf.

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