Should my multi-level marketing software company be all things to all people who they serve in this industry?


The answer to this is an emphatic no. It isn’t possible, and it would be presumptuous to even try.

Can Any Company Do EVERYTHING For You?

MLM involves online trading which requires e-commerce facilities. Their implementation involves banks, credit card suppliers, merchant account suppliers (mostly banks). It also involves sales tax compliance across all U.S. jurisdictions and possible foreign compliance for companies who trade overseas. To add to the start-up complexity, MLM companies need logistics facilities like warehousing fulfillment and shipping.

No software company can act as bankers, finance and sales tax experts, warehousing and shipping experts. All these aspects of e-commerce require expertise supplied by external organizations. A start-up company may also need introduction and integration with Internet service providers, lead generation applications, and online advertising agencies.

Over a period of 20 years, we established a wide network of business relationships with such expert suppliers. We do not supply software and leave our customers to arrange these specialized services. We build business relationships with our customers and introduce these services in the solutions we provide to ensure our clients are successful in their business.

Our experience in launching over 1,000 multi-level marketing companies taught us that success for our customers depends on a good working relationship with the MLM supplier. Apart from supplying the working software, the supplier should:

  • Introduce a sales tax calculation expert company to you.
  • Arrange for the commission platform company to brief and work with you to find the commission solution that best suits you distributor structure.
  • Bring the logistics expert company to you to resolve both shipping and warehousing facilities.
  • Introduce public speakers and business promotion experts.

These are the characteristics of a good business relationship with a competent MLM software supplier. It is a partnership that ensures your success and steers you away from mistakes that caused so many MLM companies to fail.

In summary, don’t expect the MLM software company to be experts in all aspects of shipping, taxes, or financial regulations. Do, however, expect them to bring you the expert relationships they should have cultivated over many years.