How do you market a new MLM Company? Can you market an MLM on Facebook or on Google? Can you market an MLM on any mainstream advertising network? These are all tricky questions, with different answers based on the circumstances.

MLM Marketing with Patrick Taylor

I recently sat down with MultiSoft Corporation’s Director of Marketing, Patrick Taylor, to ask several questions pertaining to how we can advertise MLM companies in today’s marketing and advertising landscape.


SEO is a topic that comes up constantly and because Search Engines are always making changes to the way their algorithms identify data and rank various websites there’s no universal approach to improving your website’s rankings. SEO is not a single factor as seems to be the common misconception. There are consistent factors, but we would be incorrect to say that SEO is based solely on backlinks or backlink structures or any other singular item.

Search engines like google compile their rankings based on a wide variety of factors. These factors range from the volume and authority or validity of backlinks to overall interest (volume of search queries) to the value and relevance of the content to mentions and interest in Social Spheres like Facebook, Google+, etc, to website page optimization and adherence to technical guidelines. As well as many other factors.

Can you rank your new MLM company as a page 1 or number 1 result immediately after launch? While it is possible, it is extremely unlikely to rank as a number 1 result organically with a brand new website. SEO is mostly a long-term strategy. In most cases, when it comes to SEO gains, very little happens quickly. You will need to develop and apply your strategy consistently for the long-term to build awareness and brand recognition and as a result, you will see the Search Engines start to take notice and adjust your rankings accordingly.

Pay Per Click

While SEO focuses on your website’s organic rankings, Paid Advertising is a much more short-term solution that relies more on your advertising budget than it does your brand’s recognition or the content of your website.

Any company can create an account with Google’s Adwords platform and start creating ads and bidding on keywords that they believe their target demographic to be searching for. Where this gets to be an issue for MLM’s is that Google and the other mainstream ad networks really aren’t friendly with Network Marketing in general.

Google’s guidelines specifically prohibit “Get Rich Quick Schemes” and unfortunately, if they can easily identify your business opportunity they’re most likely going to argue that’s what your business is, and not going to approve your ads. There are ways around this when it comes to advertising the products alone, it’s not uncommon for Adwords editorial review teams to go to your destination URL and see if you’re presenting them with a “Join Now” button.

Additionally, Google and some other platforms have ominous statements within their guidelines that prohibit any “untrustworthy business practices” leaving it an arbitrary decision for editorial review teams to decide on.

Social Media

Social media can be a huge boon to your business when it comes to advertising. When your distributors are posting on their own social media accounts, they’re advertising the business to their own network outside of the ad platforms and hence not restricted by the same rules that paid advertisers must abide by.

Because of the way platforms like Facebook show your posts not only to your friends but friends of theirs as well, your reach through social media can be exponentially greater than your distributor force by itself. Ads shared organically are also going to be more effective because people are far more likely to try out a product suggested by someone they know personally than a paid ad that they happened to stumble across in their feed.

There are many different perspectives on Marketing MLM Companies these days and there’s a lot of depth that we can get into when we start talking about the specifics. One thing is clear though, and that is, you MUST have an advertising and marketing strategy in order to generate traffic to your websites, gain distributors, and sell your products.

If you have any questions about marketing your new MLM company, reach out to me or to Patrick ([email protected]) or call us at +1-239-945-6433