AS an MLM Company, should you conduct conference calls with your distributors? How should you run these conference calls? What benefits do you earn from conference calls? Yes, you should arrange regular conference calls. These calls build momentum and team spirit and participants can learn from each other.

Your distributors should know what to expect from these conference calls. It motivates them to attend.

How to organize conference calls

Based on our experience in helping to launch thousands of MLM companies, we recommend a regular structure with three conference calls per week. These calls can have a set agenda:

Weekly Call 1: Products and Services

Weekly Call 2: Opportunities

Weekly Call 3: A sizzle call

To make these calls interesting and rewarding for the participants, structure them along these lines.

  • Plan each conference call for a duration of approx 20 minutes.
  • Conduct each call on the same day of the week.
  • Focus on benefits and opportunities.
  • Spend 2-3 minutes letting people introduce themselves and share their credentials, their role in the company, and their location. This should be in a way that builds excitement and expectations.
  • Finish each call with a 2-3 minute Q&A session.
  • Remind everybody to attend the next scheduled call.

Products and Services

Allocate 12-13 minutes discussing the products and services the company offers. Focus on the benefits offered to customers; the value customers receive.


Structure the agenda around opportunities and how they benefit other people. You may focus on one specific area of your compensation plan or new trends in the marketplace.

Sizzle call

The word “sizzle” implies something “hot”. You introduce somebody who can deliver real value to help distributors grow their business. It could be about online advertising, social media, or event organization. Use your creativity and insight to give participants something of value for their business.

To summarize, the first couple of minutes should create excitement with participants introducing themselves and exchanging greetings.

Next, the call coordinator introduces him or herself, This person must also control the agenda and prevent the call degenerating into a general chat session about anything.

Conference calls, at their best, create the momentum so essential for businesses to succeed and grow. There’s a saying the “meetings make money and create momentum”.

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