What is a software version? Where do you find your software version? How do you know which version number is the latest? What is a software Release Notice? Finding the software version is easy, the question is whether you have to pay to get the latest version. The software industry has also changed the way they handle software versions.

The traditional way with software versions and new releases

Software companies continue to improve their software after it is first released to the market. To distinguish between earlier and later versions of the software, they assign a version number to each new release.

How do you find what version you are using? This is easy. There are two ways you will find your version number.

  1. Many software companies show the version number on the splash screen displayed when you start the software.
  2. If not there, find the Help Menu and select the About menu item. Here you should find the software version.

Software companies normally publish a Release Notice that describes in detail what changes they have made to the software.

The question of upgrade fees

Many software suppliers charge their customers an upgrade fee for each new release of their software. As an existing customer, you can read their release notice and decide if you need or want the upgrade. The problem with declining an upgrade and staying with your existing version is that your software will become out-of-date.

You should also know that software vendors don’t like to see customers staying on out-of-date versions. There are two main reasons: 1) It reduces their revenue, and 2) It causes problems with their customer support service because support staff has to analyze problems with different versions of the software.

There are good reasons why software companies issue new versions of their software. Technology changes, standards change, and user experience expectations change. Just look at the exponential growth in mobile devices. By staying on older versions, your existing software may exhibit performance or usability problems. The software supplier will tell you to upgrade to the latest version of their software.

The modern and progressive way of handling software versions

Cloud computing offers software vendors easier and better software version control. As a customer, you need not concern yourself with this issue.

Vendors store their software in the cloud and offer their products as a Software as Service (SaaS) product offering. Customer pays a monthly or annual subscription fee and accesses the software on the vendor’s cloud servers. New versions are published with no need for client-initiated upgrades. Customers will always be on the latest software version.

To see this model in action, look at vendors like Microsoft, Adobe, and WordPress. Microsoft offers their Office Suite and Adobe their graphics and web development suite on cloud-based servers. WordPress updates their core program automatically and without notice.

We advise MLM companies to engage and use the services of an MLM Software Supplier who offers their service as a cloud-based subscription service. It means you can forget about software versions, except for reading Release Notices that detail the changes made. You will always use their latest version of the software.

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