WordPress is one of the most widely used CMS (Content Management System) platforms online today. But will it do what you need it to do for your MLM business?

It’s a common question we get asked: “Can I use WordPress to launch my MLM Company?”

The short answer is that you can use WordPress as the front-end of you website but you cannot launch or run a multi-level marketing business on WordPress alone.


MLM software is unique

MLM software includes complex modules to handle shopping cart interfaces with PCI compliant payment gateways, transaction processing for calculating multi-tier distributor transactions, commissions, rewards, and incentives.

The MLM software suite has an advanced backend module that processes transactions, commissions, distributor genealogy, bonuses, rewards, and incentives. Genealogy is a critical requirement with unique structures in different compensation plans.

WordPress is not a suitable platform for handling these requirements.

WordPress as part of your MLM website

WordPress is an excellent platform for content creation and content distribution. WordPress sites can be monetized and configured with interfaces to social media sites.

In a blog post titled  “What Are the 4 C’s Your Website Must Have?” on this blog, we outlined 4 critical requirements that will keep your MLM website fresh and alive.

They are:





WordPress, if configured as a front-end to your MLM website, can handle the first two requirements; content and community.

Create and publish blog posts and distribute them to social media sites to attract interest and awareness of your website. Create links to community applications where you can engage and interact with prospective and existing customers.

Your MLM software and supplier business relationship

E-commerce and online trading is a complex business. If you have the ambition to launch and grow your business into a million dollar company, you need to look at the market and take your clues from large and successful companies. Look at companies like Amazon, Herbalife, Amway, and others.

If you think anyone of these companies uses WordPress as their MLM software, think again.

No software company will build you an MLM software suite using WordPress. To launch your MLM business successfully, you need an established MLM software supplier who has the experience and knows what makes MLM successful and knows the pitfalls that make so many MLM companies fail.

You need a business relationship with an experienced MLM supplier who has the expertise and resources to guide your MLM venture and make it successful.

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